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Introducing a yoga experience that is well worth your while.

This New Plymouth workshop will be taken by a visiting teacher, Paul Barton who is certified in Iyengar Yoga teaching and has practiced for over 29 years and runs a full time Yoga School in Rotorua. His yoga training has extended to period of study in India, Europe and Australia. Any one is welcome to attend.

Dates: December 2nd .
Friday 2nd 6 – 8.30 pm,

December 3rd & 4 th
Saturday 3rd 9 – 12 noon, and 3- 5.30 pm
Sunday 4th 9am – 12 pm

New Plymouth

Venue Yet to be confirmed .
Cost Workshop $100 or $25 per class

Iyengar Yoga is an exacting discipline, which can lead to a deep intuitive understanding of the world and truth, which enlightens our way. Click here for pauls website

The workshop will provide some restorative poses and is structured as a learning package. Please endeavor to do all the workshop classes. It will not be a marathon physically and will accommodate various abilities and conditions. NOTE: Sunday classes is only open to students who attended the Friday and Saturday classes. Paul  Barton Yoga Workshop
Pauls experience help me immensely in my own practise as well as my teaching
Highly Recommended” . Sarsha Hood Yoga Teacher New Plymouth

” Paul’s knowledge of Yoga and precise instruction make his workshops are simply amazing. These workshops are a must for anyone whom wants to develop their yoga practice further and is looking for a higher understanding.

Thank you Paul for the great knowledge that you have shared. I am looking forward to more”


“Simply and utterly fantastic I can’t wait for the next workshop” Bill Bailey New Plymouth

This Workshop will cover refined practice for concentration and integration (Samadhi) and pranayama. This workshop is for folks serious about the goal of yoga and not just a passion for some of the side benefits.

Below is a Pranyama Workshop Preview

Alignment and holding poses from their foundation will be structured to support a deep and meaningful introduction to pranayama. Pranayama will be introduced in a way to initiate students into a daily practice for the next 5 – 10 years. The understanding and opportunity to experiencing Samadhi (integration) will be given.


Accommodation is Available:
. So booking is essential

Phone Yoga Online 0800 GO HEALTH or (0800 464325) or (06) 751 1163 or contact us
The last workshop was great click here for a few key points on Pranayama

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