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Voice and Sound have been used for healing through the ages, from all ends of the earth. It has even been said that ‘music soothes the savage beast’.

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A Japanese researcher Mr. Masaru Emoto studied the effect of sound on water, demonstrating how the molecules change with different music. Various botanists have studied the effect of music on plants, by playing selections of rock music and relaxing music. The plants responded well to the relaxing music, while the plants with the rock music slowly deteriorated, and in some cases died, emphasizing the potential harm that stems from listening to the wrong types of sound.

Everywhere we go in our fast paced world, we are bombarded by noise or sounds, which stress our minds and bodies through to our very core. Is there any wonder that we have so much violence, sickness and depression prevalent in many lives? Relaxation music is becoming an answer to a question many didn’t even know existed in thier minds.

In this day and age, we grasp at any peace we can get with meditation, yoga, relaxing music and other calming or soothing influence becoming more important in our everyday lives. So go turn off that television or computer, close the door on outside events, select some relaxing music and let the tensions of life drain from your body and regenerate the soul.

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