Yoga for Seniors

Yoga for Seniors Video / DVD

Below we are pleased to present, the Yoga DVD routine “Yoga for seniors ” This Yoga for seniors DVD is Free online( press play below) or on Youtube in High Definition. (Click link)

Al & Greg take you through a gentle yoga series of beneficial yoga poses, specially designed with seniors in mind. This is a series of low impact, arthritis-friendly stretches, exercises and positions for senior citizens interested in yoga for health and well-being. These will help to aid the aging process if you practise them often . Once you have mastered these basics you can move on to more challanging routines.

Important to observe:

* Proper spinal alignment for every pose.
* If you have been diagnosed or suspect osteoporosis. Avoid poses that require forward spinal flexion, twists and lateral flexion. Take it VERY easy.
* Move gently through and within poses.
* Make sure every pose is comfortable and steady. Come out of the pose if it is not.
* Rest whenever needed.

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