The Bridge

The Bridge Pose

The Bridge Pose is a simple yet very effective pose to practice. It helps to promote a healthy flexible spine while strengthening the legs and buttock muscles. It also helps to stretch and stimulate the abdominal muscles and organs.

It aids in easing and stimulating the mind and is a great way to reenergize if feeling tired.

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Instruction Table
Lie on your back with your legs bent, heels close to the buttocks, Feet pressing firmly into the floor, hip width and parallel.
Your arms should be slightly out from your sides, the palms of your hands pressing firmly into the floor.
Inhale, and with the exhale raise the hips up by pushing strongly into the floor with your feet. Keep the buttocks firm, and press the shoulders and arms into the floor. Only go to the height that you are comfortable with.
Take a few nourishing breaths in this position, as you keep opening the chest and lengthening the torso.
Now bring your arms over your head to the floor behind you. Keep lifting your buttocks away from the floor, keeping them contracted, which will protect the lower spine, and work softly with the breath, keeping the head and neck relaxed.
This pose stretches the whole front of the body, and brings mobility to the spine. Breathing is improved from the opening of the ribcage and chest area.


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