Here we have listed some sites that we believe you may find some valuable information on . We are not responsible for any of the content on the sites.

Conscious Media Network A great online TV station broaddcasting very hard to find information on health and a range of various topics. All older shows are free .(Paid subscription required for latestest content ) Sure to add great Value.

Natural News – A very good News Site. Lots of great information on how to keep well with the latest advancements in natural medicine.

Integral Naked The brain child of one of the great philosophers of our time Ken Wilbur
( Subscription needed for the content) But check out the trailer on the front page.

Democracy Now A good source of more balanced news on world events.

Yoga Rotorua One of New Zealand’s leading yoga teachers- Paul Barton.
Immortality Institute: A thought provoking site.

Sivananda Yoga Om PageT Official website of the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers.

Sivananda Yoga New Plymouth The Sivananda Yoga centre is open daily for classes
Sivananda Yoga focus on proper breathing through the practice of pranayama, proper exercise through the practice of asanas and proper guided relaxation

Fruit & Vegetable Juicers New Zealand - Try the Oscar Juicer A living juice is nutritionally far superior and will last for many hours in the refrigerator.

Spiritlincs The online magazine for Spiritual awareness and development, covering such topics as Angels, Crystals, Healing, Faith, Mediumship, Shamanism and much more.

Alexander Technique and Yoga How the Alexander Technique can benefit your yoga practice.

Levin House For Sale Levin House For sale my little brothers house for sale .

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