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Custom Yoga Routines

Below in partnership with You Tube we have allowed you to make your own custom yoga routines free of charge If you want a hard session, an easy session, a quick session, a long session you can create it with these postures .


  1. Click Here and go to YouTube .
  2. Make sure you are signed in with your Youtube password ( Use the keep me signed in option )
  3. Please Subscribe to our channel. .
  4. Then create a new Playlist and save it. Instructions are Here Close the page . This page will still be open underneath.
  5. Now you make your own routine .
  6. Click the link in the Posture Link and Location column below in the order that you want to practice them.( This will open a new window on YouTube )
  7. Then you click add to the playlist you just created and close the window.
  8. Then repeat with the next posture until you have finished your own custom routine.
  9. There you have it your very own private practice for when ever you want to practice.
  10. As YouTube only allow 3 playlist please email with your playlist as I will create a page with links to lots of the different playlist’s . Then we all have the benefit of that . Please keep your playlist live if you send it to me .

Thanks and Enjoy

Namaste Al

A Few Tips:
Always start with a few easy breathing postures and it is VERY important to always do the relaxation at the end . Believe it or not that is the hardest pose for a lot of people and they always try to skip it . But it is a MUST.
Don’t skip the hard poses if you are up to them .But understand if you need a easier session then do that.
Practice often !! Even if it is just one move. The two most beneficial moves that you can do if you only have time for one is The Dog Pose or Headstand.

Pose Preview Posture Link and Location
A Basic Breathing Routine
Meditation in motion Yoga Posture shoulder stretch
Childs Pose Yoga Stretch
Dog pose Yoga Posture
Mountain pose Yoga Posture
Shoulder Rotation
Extended Prayer Yoga Posture
Arm Rotation
Triangle Pose Yoga Posture
Tree pose Yoga Posture
Wide Leg Standing Forward Bend
Warrior Pose
Side lateral stretch
Headstand yoga posture
Boat Pose
Bridge Pose
Lying Twist
Locus Yoga Posture
Kneeling Twist Yoga Asana
Lying hamstring stretch Yoga Asana
Sitting Forward Bend
Guided Relaxation
Relaxation Shorter Version
World Peace Meditation

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