Mission Statement

Yoga Online’s mission is to provide a comprehensive resource of information, that will add value to the lives of anyone who would like to log in and use it.
We want to provide access to yoga to the entire Planet Earth. As we think that everyone should have access to knowledge that can lead them on their way to optimum health and present some keys to finding total peace within yourself.

We will show you how yoga can be incorporated into your everyday life.

Our goal is to help show people that yoga is the key to a long happy life and that you
don’t need to run yourself into the ground to be healthy or look healthy.

We here at Yoga.org.nz are out to spread the word about the benefits that yoga can add to everyone’s life and to introduce yoga more into mainstream population..

Our aim is to build in a knowledge base that has the visitors best interest in mind.

That we continue to learn with any and all who are interested in the fact that you only get better with time .

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