Welcome to our meditation section. We think twice about using the word meditation. To many people in the western world, the word ” meditation ” invokes a picture of a bald headed man wearing robes, sitting cross-legged in an enchanted forest.
Yoga  meditation

Perhaps so? Meditation also means numerous other things. People have used yoga meditation for thousands of years to answer the question “How do we achieve peace in ourselves and our lives?”

We like to think of it more as relaxation, where you can let go of the chatter that can circle in your own mind. Mediation is a variation in the state mind that you carry with you. You can liken it to a translucent white iceberg melting in to the clear blue ocean, then evaporating in to the bright blue sky to form a fluffy white cloud. All these things contain the same molecular structure and just undergo a transformation to move to the next cycle. Your mind can move through similar states, you can transform your thinking and get it to a level that is above happiness and sadness, where you are at total peace with your self and feel the joy of existence that flows through you in every moment.
Meditation and Mind Control

Meditating is actually easier than you might imagine. No matter your age or physical condition anyone can do meditation, even a few minutes every day can make a big difference in the way you feel. It can help you improve your concentration, increase your self-awareness and make your life far more peaceful.

Benefits of Meditation

Most who have done yoga have experimented with meditation by participating in conscious relaxation and focus on the breath. Relaxation is an important element in Yoga. There are a myriad of ways that you can meditate and we would like to share with you, what it means to us and a few basic ways to get started.

We start by taking our attention to the breath. The thoughts required to focus completely on our breathing takes our minds inward to what is happening with in you. With repeated practice and a clear goal of being able to focus the attention on the attention, clearing your mind totally, while not even thinking of thinking nothing, as that in its self is a thought. With continued practice you will find you own relaxation taking on its own energy. The results will have you feeling more tranquil & at peace with yourself while you gain a new insight of the world.

Try a relaxation session today RIGHT NOW press play below and follow it .

Click here Low Quality Yoga Meditation 735 kb Higher Quality Yoga Meditation 2.5 mb for a beginner’s Breathing Relaxation audio routine. Click here to download a relaxation video Make sure you are wearing lose clothing and you have an uninterrupted 4 mins where you will feel totally safe and at ease while doing this routine.

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