Forward Bend

The Standing Forward Bend

This pose aids in digestion and is restorative. It frees the rib cage allowing for improved breathing. It aids in mental concentration and helps to revive mental and pysichal exhaustion. The heartbeat is slowed and the lower back is strengthened and pressure is removed from the lumbar region.

It increases flexibility while strengthening and developing the hamstrings. It also helps to strengthen the feet and ankles while realigning the entire body.

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Instruction Table
Stand in mountain pose, in the centre of your mat, with your hands in prayer position. Jump your feet wide apart.

Keep the outside of your feet running parallel while lifting your arches, pulling up with the thighs and the tail bone tucked under.

Place your hands on your hips and feel the extension up out of the waist.
Inhale, As you exhale bend at the hips extend forward, continue lifting out of the hips keeping your legs strong and your base nice and firm, looking forward to begin with. Keep the extension on the stomach, which will help keep your back flat protecting it.
Take a few breaths here.
Now take your hands to the floor extending from the lower abdomen to the breastbone and through the spine. Some of you maybe on the finger tips.

If you can’t keep your spine straight put your hands on your knees and keep slowly working down your legs, working with your body, not against it. Lift your sitting bones to the ceiling.

Draw your shoulders down your back so you can extend the neck with ease.

Remember to keep the arches high.

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