Flash poses

Interactive Flash Yoga Postures, Poses and Asanas

Welcome to our Flash postures index. Here you will find yoga moves that are broken down to the bare basics with state of the art flash yoga animation technology that you can use to view these moves in full screen size, full colour and with full instruction. If you have a slow conection they may take a little while to load
For a sample showing

Mountain Posture
click the image
triangle yoga pose
arm stretch yoga Asana
Tree  pose

Flash Yoga Postures


-Downward Facing Dog

-Extended Prayer Pose

-Tree Pose

-Basic Twist

-The Bridge

-Virisana Arm Stretch

-Mountain Pose

-Forward Bend

-The Boat (beginner)

-The Locust

-Sitting Forward Bend

-Extended Childs Pose

-Shoulder Shrug

-Triangle Pose

-Warrior Pose

-The Bridge

-Kneeing Twist

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