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We are excited to be able to offer you a FREE download of a number one song . Kapital have given us permission to post the number one song ” Something Real ” for free download.

Something Real is a all time timeless great song . It is a hit, in English and the backing music is great.

Something Real is a great sounding song with a catchy Tune . We want to see if we can give it away 1 million times , help us out , if you think that it is cool please, email your friends and let them know where they can get it for free . We think this is a fantastic song !

It has been download about this many times so far

Free  download mp3 song

Free Download MP3 Number One Song
Please right click the CD Cover image above for the High Quality Download( 6.39 MB) and save as . Then listen to it in your favorite MP3 program.

Or right click here and save as . This one is the radio quality (3.5 mb) download . Please share this awesome song with the world.

Click the blue links following for more information on the talented musicians talented musician Robert Crow from Kapital

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