Physiological Benefits

There are so many physiological benefits of yoga that this section grew and grew. We have done our best to research and discover so many wonderful benefits that this great practice has to offer.

That is why we here at will continue to practice yoga for the rest of our long rewarding lives. We wish you all the great benefits that we experience on a day to day basis.

Below is a table that is a quick overveiw of all the benefits that we could find. This section along with the rest of this website will continue to grow.

Physiological benefits of yoga – Overview
Sleep improves
Immunity increases
Pain decreases
Posture improves
Weight normalizes
Muscular flexibility increase
Energy level increases
Muscular strength increase
Endurance increases
Excretory functions improve
Pulse rate decreases
Endocrine function normalizes
Respiratory rate decreases
Gastrointestinal function normalizes
Blood pressure decreases
Stable autonomic nervous system
Cardiovascular efficiency increases
Galvanic Skin Response increases
Respiratory efficiency increases EEG – alpha waves increase
Respiratory amplitude and smoothness increase EMG activity decreases
Breath-holding time increases Joint range of motion increase
Grip strength increases Eye-hand coordination improves
Dexterity skills improve Reaction time improves

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